28Aug 2015

Contact Center & Marketing Team. We have a marketing team on staff responsible for helping your online presence as well as other marketing avenues to reach their full potential. The marketing team oversees the management, analysis, reports, and support of all marketing avenues and campaigns including social media, radio, print, media,… Read More

10Jun 2015

Almost 20 years ago, the company that’s today known as The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., started as Ken Parsons’ part-time summer job. With a desk, a truck, and estimating sheets from Staples, that summer job grew into Water-flow Gutter Solutions, a gutter installer doing most of its work for general contractors and builders. Read More

14May 2015

When the Brothers were looking for new territories to expand into with the franchise, it was suggested to consider Allentown, PA. Considering our senior head installer, Jimmy Olang, married a hometown girl of Allentown, it started off as a suggestive irony. As Ryan and Ken Parsons researched the Lehigh Valley territory,… Read More

08Jan 2015

If I told you that the recipe for an award winning national gutter company was a school teacher and an out of work graphic designer you’d probably laugh in my face. Well that’s exactly how The Brothers That Just Do Gutters started, but to get the whole story we’re going… Read More

01Mar 2014

How do we as consumers know when to trust a business, enterprise or company’s transparency models? Most businesses approach trust through the exposition of their wallets. The thinking in enterprise storehouses across the market is funded on the ideas of revenue investment returns – the more an enterprise shares their… Read More

25Jan 2014

Business transparency is something that has always existed in the form of editorial reviews or customer reviews. In today’s markets, a business needs to adapt to the quickly changing environment of social conversations. The Brothers that just do Gutters are using many social media platforms to help aid our efforts… Read More

17May 2013

Every year, Remodeling Magazine holds their annual Remodeling Leadership Conference. This year, the conference was entitled Business On The Move: How to Thrive in a Growth Market. This two-day conference, held in Washington, D.C. is beyond the best we’ve been to. Held at the Ritz Carlton, this conference brings in… Read More