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Business transparency is something that has always existed in the form of editorial reviews or customer reviews. In today’s markets, a business needs to adapt to the quickly changing environment of social conversations. The Brothers that just do Gutters are using many social media platforms to help aid our efforts to be transparent.

Regardless of the service being performed for the consumer, every enterprise or local store front has the same intention at the end of the day of keeping the doors open for business. To impact that effort, enterprises work new strategies into business acquisition. The allurement of gaining a new customer or client is often shrouded in the mystery to what it will cost to do business with that customer. As a result, more effort is being afforded to the cause of conversation. We have noticed education often comes at the expense of wisdom and time. Models implemented by a business are custom-fitted by mistakes and challenges educating the business at the expense of time or money. The balance of service a business provides is often the result of the balance of their checkbook and is reflected in their efforts.

Trust is the instrumental part of Transparency in business.We here at the Brothers that just do Gutters continually evaluate our business model and practices applied to each and every service performed. We have adopted a lot of philosophies from various practices and suggestions found in the world of enterprises. Accumulating in our library of writings is the many times we have visited the topic of customer satisfaction gained through the suggested actions of enterprise contributors or the results of our customer’s requests.

Outcomes can often be non-conforming to the efforts put into the business to produce good customer satisfaction; creating an illusion that a customer doesn’t matter. Consumers cannot see what goes on in the meeting and board rooms of a storefront. Facing these challenges is a dance we learned to do by changing our business practices. Whether viewed as a journey or and adventure, good investments require traveling great distances to learn new cultures of business. We have traveled many roads to find the path that leads to valued services. Some destinations refuse to return our investment while others have payed out well. Retraining staff, finding new business partners, creating a good enterprise rapport and being involved in our communities are just a fraction of the ground we stand on under our umbrella of customer relations. From our experience, there is no greater embellishment to a business then good public relations. Letting others laud your praises accumulates a far greater return on service than any other effort. This is echoed in the discussions at the round table of the enterprises of today. Transparency is good for a business but it goes much deeper than published reviews.

Advertising has met its challenger in the dark shrouded forest of conversation. If a picture communicates a thousand words, how do you get it to tell the right story? That is the discussion among the knights gathered at the round table of business acquisition. As an enterprise traverses the forest of business acquisition, they do it quietly – a seemingly obvious oxymoron to a discussion centered around conversation. Many are encroaching on the idea of business acquisition created through social media and publicly shared data.

The idea of learning people’s behaviors through social conversations happens automatically in certain retail settings. For instance, entering a store front to look for a pair of shoes will put you into the realm of floor sales people. When they approach and ask if you need assistance, they are opening the pathways of communication to attempt to offer service for your business. What is being parlayed in advertising circles is the idea that this conversation lacks effort to learn a customer’s behavior before they enter the storefront. The efforts to learn the psychological behaviors of consumers is resulting in catering to the illusion of sneaky and sly business practices. Remembering that outcomes can betray our efforts, it may be time to leave the forest before a business gets hurt. It is time to be transparent.

We don’t just respond to reviews that customers leave for us, we also work proactively at creating educational blogs, such as this one, to help inform our customers. Be sure to head over to our website and let us know how we are doing.


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