2013 Remodeling Leadership Conference

@BrothersGutters Remodeling Conference Every year, Remodeling Magazine holds their annual Remodeling Leadership Conference. This year, the conference was entitled Business On The Move: How to Thrive in a Growth Market. This two-day conference, held in Washington, D.C. is beyond the best we’ve been to. Held at the Ritz Carlton, this conference brings in the top remodelers from around the country. Hundreds of business owners networking, sharing their business tips, and gaining insight on the future of remodeling.

@BrothersGutters The Brothers that just do Gutters

But this conference is more than just business it’s fun! Attendees had the opportunity to win prizes, have their photo on the cover of Remodeling Magazine, and much more. Joined by our good friends Brian and Alex from DBS Remodel Inc. our trip was filled with plenty of laughs.

The speakers were extraordinary! Our favorites include Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping and April Wilson, President of Digital Analytics 101. The speakers are listed below. However if you want to access their presentations from the conference, use this link.

Andrew Davis, Tippingpoint Labs
Douglas R. Delp, President, The Delp Group
Sam Geist, Geist and Associates, entrepreneur, marketer, facilitator
Paul Hamtil, Owner, Hamtil Construction LLC
Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”
David Merrick, President, Merrick Design and Build Inc
Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist, Hanley Wood
Al Walker, Al Walker and Associates
April Wilson, Director of Marketing, Hanley Wood Exhibitions
Christopher Wright, President, WrightWorks LLC

Each seminar only proved to us that we’re on the right track! The speakers urged business owners to get involved in websites like Houzz, Google Plus, Facebook, Flikr, Twitter, and more. The conference also taught us new and innovative ways to take our business a step above exceptional. For instance, we hope to unveil more videos, such as the ones Tulsa Renew uses on their website, in the near future.

On the last day the conference held a reception dinner to honor this years Big 50 winners, and the winner of the prestigious Fred Case Award. This award recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit of remodelers and the importance of creativity and innovation in the industry.

Remodeling Magazine-@BrothersGutters

Each year, four finalists are recognized for their outstanding achievements in the industry and receive an award in the amount of $2,500. The winner is selected by the finalists and receives $10,000 (in addition to the $2,500 for being a finalist). This year Nick Richmond of Matrix Basements was awarded the Fred Case Award for his innovative ideas and continued growth. In his speech he said, “I read that entrepreneurs take risks to reach their goals, but it’s really the opposite. You take a risk by not pursuing your goals and dreams.”

It was an honor to welcome the Big 50 Class of 2013! Ken and Ryan were honored in 2012 with the Big 50 Award and the Service Excellence Award facilitated by GuildQuality.

This conference is great because it proves that the contracting world is truly a growing business. These business owners are taking the concept of remodeling and using it in a way a lawyer would his practice. These are not simply contractors, or remodelers, they are entrepreneurs; businessmen who have taken their business and make it into something unique to the industry.


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