Franchise Steps

Step 1. Watch “The Tale of Two Brothers”

The first step in the franchise steps is to familiarize yourself with The Brothers that just do Gutters by watching “The Tale of Two Brothers.” This eight-minute video covers the mission, goals, culture, and practices of the brothers and their company. Ken and Ryan Parsons touch on their passion behind creating a contractor service unlike any other and how their system can lead any franchisee to accomplish success, and their individual visions and dreams.

Step 2. Talk With Our Head Of Franchise Sales

Now that you have a good idea of who The Brothers that just do Gutters are, and their vision, goals, and culture, the next step is to connect with us. At this point we would like to get to know you and your plans. The best way to do this, is for us to schedule a time to talk with you about our process and how you can become a franchisee, as well as your vision for yourself in this journey. Please fill out the form below and from there, we will get in touch with you.

Connect With Us

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Step 3. Review Disclosure Document (FDD)

So we have spoken on the phone and have discussed the general direction of this process. You like us and we like you, and that is great news! With that being said, we now want to send you our Franchise Disclosure Document agreement so you can look at exactly what we will be requiring from you to operate your local Brothers that just do Gutters. Make sure to take the time to look over this document, as we will be reviewing this with you in the next step of the franchise process.

Step 4. Meet The Owners

At this point, it is important for you to decide if you want to “buy into our systems.” If you have read the FDD and you love it, this is great news! If you are not completely satisfied with our FDD, processes, or culture, it is probably better to take some time to think about it before “testing” the waters. If you are a person who wants to reinvent the wheel, then this is not the model for you. However, if you have decided that systems work for you, then we have a lot to offer you and are excited to get started. The methods, processes, and systems we offer have been fine-tuned over the years based directly on trial and error, and mistakes already made by Ryan and Ken. In other words, they already did a lot of the hard work for you, and they know what works. If you have decided that it will work for you too then the next step will be to begin the process of investigating your market.

Step 5. Conduct Local Research

If you have not yet watched our video on conducting your local market research, please do! Within this video, we explain what key evaluators you will need to use to test your market. During this phase, you will gain an understanding of your territory and whether your local market is a prime market to open in. The better your market does in the evaluation, the easier it will be to develop your territory and reach your goals. If we approve your location, it is important to start looking for a physical building for your base of operations..

Step 6. Secure Financing

Reaching step six means we approved of your market evaluation. This is a big step in the preparing of the launch of your market. Now the ground breaking needs to happen. Before we can move forward, we need to establish funds to launch a physical location. Securing the financing is necessary for us to begin putting hands to work on this location. Once we have the financing, we can move to the next step, which is signing the agreement.

Step 7. Sign Franchise Agreement

The Franchise Agreement is the last step of evaluation and approval you will need from us before you can begin working on your location. The FDD outlines the plan necessary to start and establish your franchise location. As much as we made this process turnkey, it still requires you to actually turn the key. The most important part of the FDD is the information and instructions on the pages. Understanding how the information helps establish the brand is the key to being a great franchisee.

Step 8. Attend Training

The easiest way for you to learn about the FDD is to attend the training. These weeks will be packed with information on how to turn your business on, and get it running at its full potential. The franchisees that have trusted and followed this training have advanced the quickest, and reached levels beyond expectations. We will help you understand how to do the same in your market and we will teach you valuable employee recruitment, and training skills to attain the best crew possible. The training will teach you how to read your market for selling potential and how to find the right people to connect with. All along the way you will have constant support and training.

Step 9. Secure A Facility And Build Your Brand

Now it is time to officially secure a location. This step can be completed at any point along the way, but must be completed in order to begin serving your clients. Once we have a location, time will be required to market and establish the brand within your service area.

Step 10. Celebrate The Grand Opening

Congratulations! You have completed all the steps necessary to be the next brother. Now lets celebrate the grand opening, and start this awesome journey.