5 Reasons to Become a Brother (Franchisee)

  1. Contact Center & Marketing Team. We have a marketing team on staff responsible for helping your online presence as well as other marketing avenues to reach their full potential. The marketing team oversees the management, analysis, reports, and support of all marketing avenues and campaigns including social media, radio, print, media, creative campaigns, etc. They are there to support each branch and help them to grow their presence and business while providing each franchisee with the best marketing campaigns all at their fingertips as well as a design team. By fully optimizing all channels the marketing team will get your phone to ring and our Contact Center will then do the answering. The hardest part of starting your own business is trying to do, and manage everything yourself. Answering phones, scheduling estimates, and installing and working each aspect of the job yourself is just too difficult and that is why we decided to create our Contact Center. The Contact Center is on staff to answer all calls that come in requesting a quote or appointment for all franchise locations. They handle these requests through email and phone, and they handle scheduling appointments. Once appointments are made, they are placed directly on a calendar that is tied to all employees and field workers.
  2. Our training process. Your guys will be trained here in house. You, yourself, will also spend time training with us. We provide a hands-on learning experience for everyone. “I’ve been given extensive training, and now they’re helping walk us through the pitfalls they’ve already experienced. We have constant support from Ryan and Kenny, and we’re making big progress. said our PA Franchisee, Jimmy Olang.
    • Skills Ladder – This piece of training is for installers and provides each employee a defined career path. This provides visual reference in plain view for all employees so they can see a clear and direct career path. Unlike most jobs, they know exactly what they need to accomplish to get promoted and receive a raise. This allows the success to be in their hands.
    • OSHA Certification – Each installer is directly hired and trained by The Brothers that just do Gutters requiring participation in an extensive training program and certification process.
    • Both of these training tools, as well as others, are detailed in a manual given to the franchisee for them to then use and follow these practices and guidelines with their crews on their own.
  3. Constant support from The Brothers. The Brothers will always be there for you as a support system throughout this journey. They will continue to help and monitor your business plan as well as create a blueprint with you that outlines your goals, business practices, and systems to implement. Our NJ Franchisee Jonathan Mellett said,“Ryan and Ken gave me the knowledge and support needed to push me forward. This support made such a difference and the business really came into its own with their help. They stepped up to the plate and were, and are more than willing to sacrifice their time to see me succeed in the business.”
  4. We are FULLY digitized. Realizing a while back that having multiple channels of data entry was seriously hindering our progress and workflow, we decided to team up with a company to make the transfer to digital. Now, when the Contact Center schedules an appointment it is automatically sent directly to a solutionist’s iPad. During the estimate process, photos are taken, products are selected and the entire job scope is listed in one digital document. All products needed are available within this document and just take one simple click to add materials to a project. Their prices are already stored and auto calculated within the estimate document when selected, to produce a final estimate cost. If we’ve been chosen for a job, the Contact Center is immediately notified digitally and can schedule the appointment. Within this document, clients can also provide a digital signature on the spot. In addition, the iPads used by each installer have a GPS tracking system in them, which allows us to track where workers are, and their progress in a project. This allows for us to easily schedule additional jobs for the day within the area they are currently working based on their progress, all without interrupting them.
  5. The client experience and our core values. Since 1999, The Brothers that just do Gutters have been perfecting their brand with only the clients in mind. Taking criticism that other construction industry companies received, as well as, their own criticism, and turning it into a positive, by making sure to acknowledge and come up with a solution for each clients needs and problems. Instead of salesman, presidents or owners we have Solutionists©, which embodies what the brothers represent to their clients. The brothers aim to create a culture for both their employees, and clients, embodying certain character traits. These standards of behavior are not only at the core of our company but of each employee. They include appreciation, communication, education, excellence, leadership, reputation, and worth. The Brothers and their employees also embody traits of honesty, warmth, and respect, and aim to be courteous, organized, dependable, influential, and engaged. By creating a unique experience with the homeowner, investing in our employees, sourcing the best products, creating training methods, and publishing every review a homeowner made on our independent review services, we rose above the rest.

The story of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters starts with hard work and a dream to be a community-loved contractor. Does any of this sound intriguing to you? Our franchise website is now up and running – visit HERE!

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