Brothers Gutters Comes To Lehigh Valley

When the Brothers were looking for new territories to expand into with the franchise, it was suggested to consider Allentown, PA. Considering our senior head installer, Jimmy Olang, married a hometown girl of Allentown, it started off as a suggestive irony. As Ryan and Ken Parsons researched the Lehigh Valley territory, they realized it would be the perfect market to kick things off.

The more they looked into new territories, the more Lehigh Valley felt like a family extension. Jimmy and Jess were the best choice for franchisees in Allentown as they are already familiar with the area. Both have family there and will be able to provide the local business attitude we pride ourselves on.


Born and raised in Lehigh Valley, Jessica moved to New York in 2010 after marrying Jimmy Olang. The two married in 2009 and have a 3-year-old daughter and an 8-month-old son. Jimmy Olang started working for the Brothers That Just Do Gutters in 2002 and has since worked his way up the Skills Ladder to the title of Senior Head Installer and Field Operator.

Having experience as a gutter installer, Jimmy knew a little about the support he will receive from The Brothers That Just Do Gutters. It wasn’t until after the franchise training that Jimmy and Jess realized just how much the Brothers invest in the company culture, employees, and customers.

Jimmy and Jess during their franchisee training

When asked about the support, Jess had this to say, “We’ve known Ryan and Ken a long time and I’ve always respected them as business owners, but only now am I really gaining a greater respect for them. Every day as I hear about all the work that has gone into this business and preparing it to be franchised, am I really understanding and appreciating the value of their business. I always knew they worked hard, but the level of detail we received, the time and effort invested in training – they thought of everything. I feel like I’m getting a really strong understanding of exactly what we need to do as business owners.”

This same effort is being applied to the customers and clients of the Lehigh Valley territory as well. In the years that Jimmy has worked for The Brothers, he has completed countless jobs and gained an expertise well beyond his years in the field. That coupled with his wife’s assistance on the business end and Jimmy and Jess are expected to do great things in Allentown!

For more information on the Franchise check out our blog on when the Brothers officially franchised! Also you can head to our Franchise Page on our website!

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