23Oct 2015

As a business owner it is more important than you may think to foster a positive company culture and atmosphere. Appreciating your employees can, and often does help productivity. If your employees like you and their job, they are more likely to work harder and reach higher potential because they… Read More

15Oct 2015
trades franchise in Albany ny

Looking To Expand Our Borders To Albany, NY! The Brothers that just do Gutters are looking for the next Brother in the Albany, NY area! Are you, or is someone you know looking for an opportunity to start their own business? Are they located in the Albany, NY area, or… Read More

15Oct 2015

The Brothers that just do Gutters currently services the Hudson Valley and is looking to surround their already successful region with a new franchise location in Bergen County! Bergen County is located right outside of Rockland County, which our NY location already services (quite a bit of business already established). If a Brothers… Read More

12Oct 2015

Recently, one of our franchisees, Jonathan Mellett of Monmouth, NJ said something that really hit us. “I always want ‘The Brothers’ to be a positive ending to a crazy story,” he said. One of his recent clients had been struggling with bad water leakage into their home, particularly into their son’s bedroom.… Read More

06Oct 2015

Feeling Eager And Reluctant? Opening and/or owning your own business may be something you have always dreamed about but yet you are still working for someone else. Why is that? Imagine owning your own business, running it according to a proven system, investing in your future and growing. Is it fear that is… Read More

02Oct 2015

Bigger service territories means greater growth potential. Often when you think of franchise locations, you think of multiple storefronts within a small service area. For example if you are an owner of a Subway franchise, it is common for another Subway to open within a few miles of yours. When it comes to… Read More

29Aug 2015

“I had no idea what gutters were,” recalls Jimmy Olang, who moved from Nairobi, Kenya, to LaGrange-ville, N.Y., in 2001 after waiting a decade for a visa. He’d met Ken Parsons, owner of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, when Parsons was on a mission trip to Kenya four years earlier; once in the U.S., Olang looked him up. Read More

28Aug 2015

Contact Center & Marketing Team. We have a marketing team on staff responsible for helping your online presence as well as other marketing avenues to reach their full potential. The marketing team oversees the management, analysis, reports, and support of all marketing avenues and campaigns including social media, radio, print, media,… Read More

10Jun 2015

Almost 20 years ago, the company that’s today known as The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., started as Ken Parsons’ part-time summer job. With a desk, a truck, and estimating sheets from Staples, that summer job grew into Water-flow Gutter Solutions, a gutter installer doing most of its work for general contractors and builders. Read More

14May 2015

When the Brothers were looking for new territories to expand into with the franchise, it was suggested to consider Allentown, PA. Considering our senior head installer, Jimmy Olang, married a hometown girl of Allentown, it started off as a suggestive irony. As Ryan and Ken Parsons researched the Lehigh Valley territory,… Read More