“A positive ending to a crazy story”

Jonathan Mellett, The Brothers that just do Gutters Monmouth, NJ Franchisee.

Recently, one of our franchisees, Jonathan Mellett of Monmouth, NJ said something that really hit us. “I always want ‘The Brothers’ to be a positive ending to a crazy story,” he said.

One of his recent clients had been struggling with bad water leakage into their home, particularly into their son’s bedroom. Because of the gutter problems this family was having, the water entering the home was so bad that is was essentially raining inside. After Jonathan and his crew completed the gutter work needed on their home, Jonathan received a response from the homeowner saying, “Hey, my son said thank you and he is so happy to have a dry room and not get rained on while he sleeps!! Thanks again!”

This really affected Jonathan and prompted him to say the above statement about The Brothers being a positive ending to a crazy story. “I feel like I am a part of a great story that these families will talk about,” he said, “I love the responses I get from some of our clients that we are able to help.” Due to the lack of a proper gutter system, this family was essentially living in a much less than desirable condition. Being able to help someone in a situation like that is a great feeling, and knowing that they no longer need to worry about “getting rained on while they sleep” is rewarding. “That email was priceless,” said Jonathan, “It pumps me up to see that kind of impact.”

Seeing a reaction like this one is what makes our job so worth it! We hope that for each problem a client brings to us we have a solution, and our clients’ needs and level of satisfaction are our primary concern. Solving problems, especially one as big as this example, is exactly what we want to do for each and every one of our clients. Being able to eliminate something for a homeowner that causes this big of a headache and/or discomfort is something we are not only proud of, but more than happy to do! If you are having any problems similar to this, please do not hesitate to give us a call and let us find you the perfect solution!

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