Is fear holding you back from your business goals?

Feeling Eager And Reluctant?

Opening and/or owning your own business may be something you have always dreamed about but yet you are still working for someone else. Why is that? Imagine owning your own business, running it according to a proven system, investing in your future and growing. Is it fear that is holding you back from taking this plunge?

Often people who want to own their own business shy away because of a certain amount of risk involved. Often it is easier and more definite and stable to just take a job working for someone else. Most people rely on that paycheck each week and put their dream of being a business owner on hold for stability – because of this fear of the risk and work involved. But what if that risk was worth the end result?

Ken and Ryan started from the bottom with nothing but a dream and determination. They made every mistake in the book and documented each one and what they learned along the way. Through these mistakes and lessons, they were able to put a system in place that is now proven to work. Ken started with a background in teaching and Ryan with a background in Graphic design. When they first began this journey they took the risk and faced their fears of failing to reach a dream they had. Though The Brothers that just do Gutters is still growing, Ken and Ryan were able to turn it into one of the top gutter businesses within its territories, and have now built a franchise model.

At The Brothers that just do Gutters you will receive constant support from the brothers, outlined systems and guidance along the way, and a team that wants to see you succeed. Are you ready to take the risk, face your fears and hesitation, and invest in yourself, your future, and your dreams? Are you ready to be the next brother?

featured imageThere are many fears each person has, encounters and even faces each day. Some of these fears hold us back and some of these fears are worth facing head on to get to the finish line. Imagine yourself running a race; in the beginning it feels easy with positive visions of finishing. On the second mile you start to feel fatigued, with each step becoming more difficult. You feel like resting and walking, but if you push through a few more tough steps, you will reach that plateau where it stops feeling so tough and your body levels out – it’s easier again and you are almost at the finish line. Once you cross that line it feels so good, so rewarding and worth all the bumps and tough spots you hit on the way. In fact, these tough spots make finishing feel that much better. If the risk is worth the gain, why not take the plunge? Instead of imagining yourself as a business owner, why not become one? Maybe today is your day. Maybe today is the day to enter the starting gate and head towards that finish line.

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