5 Benefits of a Large Service Area

  1. Bigger service territories means greater growth potential. Often when you think of franchise locations, you think of multiple storefronts within a small service area. For example if you are an owner of a Subway franchise, it is common for another Subway to open within a few miles of yours. When it comes to trades franchises, their territories are often much larger. The reason for this is that most trades industries cover larger service areas. This means that you as a franchise owner are able to grow your business without buying additional facilities. Our franchise locations are often very large ranging from 250,000-400,000 owner occupied dwellings.
  1. No need to be concerned about a competing franchise owner in your top markets.
    Often when opening up a franchise, the potential buyer needs to find the top market within their area to maximize growth and potential. For example in Dutchess County – Poughkeepsie. As long as your storefront is the only one in the surrounding market, your customers pool is large. However, if/when another location opens within your surrounding area, you will be competing for the same customers. Within the trades industry, servicing large areas eliminates this step and concern. For example, our NY location services Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Ulster, Rockland, and Westchester Counties, as well as, New Fairfield CT. Another franchise location for The Brothers that just do Gutters would not be, or need to be opened in these areas/counties.
  1. Managing people and not locations. If you were an owner of a restaurant franchise, to grow and reach a bigger audience you would need to open up multiple locations/storefronts. Having to do this would mean that you as the owner would need to manage and travel to multiple locations. In the trades industry, you are simply managing people. One location with a large service area means you can grow by hiring more people and servicing more areas, meaning as you grow you manage more people, but not locations.
  1. Trades industry projects make more money. As a trades worker, each project/job is extensive. Selling a service allows for more money to be made with less limitations than a chain restaurant, boutique, spa etc. franchise would. These types of storefronts and establishments are limited by products they sell, occupant maximum allowed in their facility, and again need to open more locations to really grown. Servicing such large territories means that you are only limited by territory and how far you are willing to go rather than the facility and it’s physical limitations.
  1. As the home market rebounds, you benefit. As the remodeling market and homebuyers market rebounds, you will benefit, as your market will then include even more owner occupied dwellings. The more people within your service area that are buying homes, and/or remodeling their homes, the more qualified individuals you have.

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