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Our new franchisees and Brothers Gutters owners Yerry and Milesa Balenzuela are set to launch June 2017 in Virginia Beach, VA! Virginia Beach is classified as a subtropical climate, which means high humidity. This humidity causes consistent rain year-round equaling an average yearly rainfall of around 50 inches, with the wettest seasons being spring and summer.

In a climate with such consistent rain, having a gutter system that works properly is extremely important. Steady rain with no gutters, broken gutters, or old gutters, may spell trouble for your foundation. Having a reputable Virginia Beach gutter contractor, like The Brothers that just do Gutters, is key in protecting your home from these potential water damages caused by faulty gutters!

Virginia beach gutter contractor
Milesa Balenzuela, Brothers Gutters Virginia Beach Owner.

Owners, Yerry and Milesa, are a young married couple residing in Virginia Beach. They decided that owning a business was the next step towards success in their lives together. Milesa was born in the Philippines into a poor family and was adopted at the young age of 9 months old. Years later at the age of 12, Milesa came to the United States with her adopted family. This move presented her with more opportunities. She attended both high school and college in the United States and acquired a minimum wage job. Feeling unsatisfied with this job opportunity, Milesa decided to join the Military. After serving for four and a half years, Milesa, at the young age of 24, finds herself facing her new venture in life, business ownership with her husband Yerry.

Virginia beach gutter contractor
Yerry Balenzuela, Brothers Gutters Virginia Beach Owner.

Yerry came from Saint Thomas to the United States with his mother. Yerry says that his mother is the one who instilled hard work into him. When Yerry was unable to get into college, he too decided to join the military. While serving full-time in the military, Yerry used every available moment to focus on education. After 3 deployments and a ton of hands on tactical experiences later, Yerry has decided to put his real-life skills and work ethic to use in a new avenue, as a business owner. “Milesa and I decided together that it’s time to start a business. We are ready to change our lives because we refuse to go backwards. We believe business ownership will help us move forward and achieve great success,” said Yerry.

What really helped Yerry and Milesa make the decision to join a trades company was their own personal experience as clients when fixing up their home. After purchasing a broken-down home, the Balenzuela’s began their “fixer-upper” project. In doing this they realized “the sad state of contractor services in America. There is just a lack of customer service and care,” said Yerry. Because of their personal experience, they realized that they wanted to change this experience for other homeowners. When Yerry and Milesa saw The Brothers that just do Gutters mission statement was “reinventing contractor service,” they felt like it was the perfect fit. A company that not only puts the customer first, but also has processes set for answering calls, scheduling, marketing, and field operations, stood out to them. This helped them realize this was something they wanted to be a part of.

Yerry has always been interested in the entrepreneurial side of business and has successfully tried many things throughout his life. But, he realized what he was missing was a mentor. “The most successful people have mentors,” he said, “What better way to acquire a mentor than to join a successful franchise and make it a partnership where we benefit each other, rather than a dependency.” When deciding on what franchise was right for them, Yerry said that what was most important in making the final decision was that he needed to feel confident that he would be able to take care of his family. Yerry said “You guys had the right amount of follow through; meaning my phone calls were never dropped, any questions I had were always answered, and there was no pressure to buy. That is what truly instilled confidence in me and helped attribute to making my final decision to go with The Brothers.

Milesa says that although she was doubtful about this decision initially, because of the risks associated with business ownership, after seeing the other franchisees and how successful and passionate they were, as well as what they’ve gained from the franchise model, it really motivated her to go through with it. This is when they decided to become the next Brother, or should we say sister! The Brothers that just do Gutters are your 5-star Virginia Beach gutter contractor!

Do you think franchising with The Brothers that just do Gutters would be the perfect fit for you too? Contact Ken today for information on available franchise opportunities!

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