Tired of The Job Search? Consider a Franchise

Does your job search feel endless? Are you feeling more than ready to start your career but you continue to job hop in constant search of the right fit? If this sounds like you, chances are you’ve contemplated a career change more than a few times and/or you’ve already made some sort of change, but you may be thinking about career transitioning in the wrong way.

A career change doesn’t necessarily mean heading right to another corporate job. Although a specific corporation can play a large part in your career happiness, if your hesitations are with more than just your boss and/or coworkers, chances are you are still going to be unhappy at another corporate location. If you are in this limbo stage where you are truly rethinking what you want your career to be and exploring new avenues, why not consider franchising?

One of the initial misconceptions of contemplating franchising opportunities is that franchisees are required to be natural-born entrepreneurs, but this is not the case. Entrepreneurs actually do not make the best franchisees because of their inherent drive to do things their own way. Find out more on why entrepreneurs may not make the best franchisees HERE.

In a franchise system, you are essentially using your existing management, and operations experience and incorporating them into a whole new role. A role that may be the satisfying career you’ve been looking for. When franchising, you are basically agreeing to use an existing trademark and business model and run it as your own. This allows you the freedom to be your own boss, begin your career, and build and plan for your future without having to reinvent the wheel. Your years of corporate work has already fine-tuned your management skills. In fact, our North West Houston Texas franchisee, Randy Garrett, quit the corporate world after 30 years to become a Brothers that just do Gutters business owner!

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When purchasing a franchise, you have the advantage of incorporating an already established business plan and brand into a new market. While doing this, you also have constant support from the franchisor, and other franchisees. Because of the brand establishment, and successful business model, franchising is less risky than a startup, and allows for a quicker ramp up to success.

When looking for franchising opportunities, it is extremely important to research industries and/or products that interest you. You want to be passionate about what you’re selling. Researching a specific franchise’s support system and speaking with their existing franchisees is also an extremely pertinent piece of your research.

Job search franchising
Jimmy Olang with Ken and Ryan Parsons.

At The Brothers that just do Gutters, being a support system for each and every one of our franchisees is something we dedicate a lot of our focus to. “Ken and Ryan (Owners and Franchisors) have been so accessible. It’s not just the scheduled meetings each month, but I can pick up the phone at any time and ask them any questions I may have. Even when they are on vacation they make themselves accessible,” said Jimmy Olang, Brothers Gutters PA Franchisee. His wife Jessica Olang also agreed and added, “They have a lot of depth in their team. There are other people that are always accessible too, in addition to Ken and Ryan.”

In addition to franchising support and an already established brand, there are several other benefits to franchising in general, but more specifically with The Brothers that just do Gutters.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Training programs
  • Recruiting methods
  • Strong track record
  • Marketing assistance (The Brothers that just do Gutters have a full-time marketing team on staff for all your marketing needs.)
  • Scheduling assistance (The Brothers that just do Gutters have a full-time Contact Center on staff to answer all phone calls and take care of all scheduling for you.)
  • Reduced risk
  • Existing marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Trades franchise – non-completing markets (The Brothers that just do Gutters have large service area territories, and because of this you do not have to worry about competing with yourself.)
  • No brick and mortar (To open your Brothers Gutters location you do not need a storefront location making start up quicker, easier, and cheaper. Additionally, this allows you the opportunity to run your business operations from home.)
  • In-demand services (Home renovation, remodeling, and repair will always be in demand and needed.)

If you are feeling tired of the corporate world and the constant job search, and you’re ready to ditch the job to begin a career and plan for your future, franchising may be a perfect fit for you. If owning a Brothers that just do Gutters location sounds intriguing to you contact Franchisor Ken Parsons today for more information!

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