Why invest in a home service franchise?

food franchising vs. home service franchise

With the presence of so many ever-changing fad and elimination diets, it is not easy to know how long a popular diet, or food choice will last. Not only is the popularity of the type of food we eat always changing, but also the way in which it is consumed. Taking this into consideration is important when assessing what type of franchise you want to invest in. Is the trendy food franchise you are interested in purchasing something that is future proof, or at least a trend that is likely to last? Or is it something that catches on like a forest fire but then quickly dies out?

Really, the only thing that remains consistent with consumer diet and exercise patterns, is that they are always changing. However, when it comes to the home service industry, the need for home repairs, remodeling, and handyman services will always remain. Yes, of course, demand will fluctuate depending on a number of things, like the state of the home market and economy, number of renters vs. owners, and generational changes, but nonetheless, these services are not based on industry fads, but instead on need. Even when it comes to the remodeling industry, consumers’ design tastes may change, but that doesn’t mean that the service provider of choice will. In fact, the more trends a homeowner looks to follow, the more likely they’ll need repeat remodeling services.

Home service businesses that fall under the “handyman” category are services that rely more strictly on necessity. A handyman service that is in a niche market allows for the perfecting of a specific craft, and the targeting of the specific niche market’s needs. As stated in an article on The Design Trust, “Instead of the risk of spreading yourself too thin, and saying that ‘everybody’ is your potential client, niche marketing will help you to focus on a specific group of people, and what their specific needs and wants are.”

At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we focus strictly on gutter services. Properly working gutters are essential in protecting homes from serious problems, like water damage. Because of the importance of a working gutter system, coupled with the fact that almost all homes have gutters (or should), gutter services will always be in demand. Investing in a franchise that will likely always be in demand, decreases the amount of risk associated with this investment. Although it may seem that the food industry predominantly saturates the franchise market, home services are beginning to trend up. Additionally, this saturation among the food franchising industry adds to the benefits of franchising within a home service, or trades industry.

As a homeowner, the purchasing of this home was likely, and may always be, their biggest purchase and/or investment made. Because of this, finding contractors, and home service workers that they can trust is largely important in their decision-making process. Franchises are often held to a higher standard, and give off a sense of security and trust. A franchise brand is consistent, and it is this consistency that helps in creating security and trust. It is human nature to fear the unknown. Furthermore, a franchise model has already built a brand reputation based on a business model and business practices that are consistent across all locations. Contractors often get a bad rep for being overpriced, slimy, and impossible to reach. Homeowners do not want to hire a “chuck in a truck,” they want to hire a reputable and elite contractor with a history of great work, great communication, and a quality product and service.home service franchise opportunities

Becoming a Brothers Gutters Franchisee allows you to invest in a business that is built around a service that will always been needed and in demand. It also allows you to join a brand in a niche market with an established reputation greater than most competing contractor services. So, which sounds like a better investment to you? A paleo mobile food service that sells a product to a market that consists mostly of trend followers, or a home services franchise providing a stand-out industry experience needed by all homeowners, now and in the future?

Interested in learning more about Brothers Gutters Franchise opportunities? Contact owner and Franchisor, Ken parsons!

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