Benefits of a small business franchise (SBA)

Often large corporations can have a scary stigma of greed, selfishness, money hungry, no “think local” attitude, and a reputation of treating their team like hired help. Because of this, a lot of people shy away from getting involved in the corporate world, despite the financial and growth benefits that come along with joining corporate America. So, what exactly are the benefits of joining a small business? What are some of the cons?

Benefits of joining a small business:

  • small business franchiseEmployees treated with respect, in some cases as family
  • “Think local” attitude that cares about the community
  • Niche markets
  • Encourage ideas from all team members
  • Smaller team needed – less overhead
  • Social media helps small businesses make strides
  • “Big fish in a small pond”
  • Job security

Disadvantages of joining a small business:

  • Long hours
  • Risk of failure
  • Inconsistency
  • Needing to wear many hats
  • Gaining exposure
  • Growth is slow

So, what if you could reap all the benefits of a small business, while also knocking off some of the cons associated with owning and operating one? When it comes to franchising, it is commonly assumed that all franchises are large corporations but that is not in fact true. The Brothers that just do Gutters, is an example of a small business franchise. Joining a small business franchise system means that you are experiencing all the benefits of owning a small business while also receiving the benefits of purchasing a franchise system.

Franchise system benefits:

  • small business franchiseProven, time-tested business systems
  • Support from franchisors who’ve been in your shoes
  • Elimination of “start-up risk”
  • Provided marketing material
  • Brand awareness
  • Potential for quick and large growth
  • Shared resources and personnel

Combining the benefits of a franchise system with the benefits of a small business makes a small business franchise model ideal. The few risks and cons associated with small business are negated by the systems and support provided by the franchise, while also fostering the “small business mindset” that is appealing to both employees, owners, and the public. The Brothers that just do Gutters also have a full-time Marketing team, Contact Center and office staff within the NY headquarters at each franchisee’s discretion. These resources aid in quicker, and larger growth potential while also significantly decreasing the risk of start-up failure (with most of our franchisees breaking a half a million before their 5-year mark). At the same time, your business is helping the local community, and fostering a work environment of respect, encouragement, and stability with a smaller, efficient team.

You are also able to delegate roles and responsibilities to your team members so you can focus on your roles as an owner.  Often when opening a start-up, you are forced to take on every role, limiting your ability to focus on growth and the bigger picture. With a franchise system, such as The Brothers that just do Gutters, you do not need to worry about outsourcing certain responsibilities. Our business system is also SBA approved, which means getting approved for a business loan is easy, eliminating another burden of starting your business.

Did you know one of our franchisees made the move from corporate America to a Brothers Gutters business owner after nearly 30 years? Find out why HERE.

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