Employee or business owner?

When it comes to personalities within the work place, there are some giveaway mentalities that can help you decide whether your employees and/or you yourself are best suited to be an employee, or if you’re destined for business ownership.

Here are some traits that can help distinguish those with an entrepreneurial spark from those satisfied and comfortable with being an employee. It is important to note that whether your mentality fits that of a business owner, or an employee, one is not better than the other, they are just different!

  1. “I work to pay my bills.” – This is an employee based mentality. Someone who considers their day-to-day job nothing other than a paycheck likely isn’t interested in the added responsibilities of a business owner.
  2. “It is my responsibility to see that my job is completed to its greatest capability, no one else’s.” – This is a mentality greater associated with a business owner. You understand that getting your work done is your responsibility and you don’t need someone constantly checking up on you to keep you on track. As a business owner this is an important trait to have.
  3. “That isn’t in my job description, why should I give more than I have to?” – This is a trait of an employee. Living strictly within the means of your initial job title and not adjusting and growing with the job is a sign that you are more comfortable as an employee that has strict and steady jobs. You may not have interest in growing or taking on any additional responsibilities.
  4. “I go the extra mile for the good of the company because their overall success is important to me.” – A person with a “for the good of the company” type attitude is a great candidate for business ownership. Understanding that the company is a team, and what one member does effects all others on the team, as well as the business as a whole, is “big picture thinking,” which is key to owning and running a successful business.
  5. “I don’t work any hours other than 9am-5pm and I do not clock out one minute past 5pm.” – As a business owner, a 9-5 mentality just won’t work. Because of this, this sort of mindset comes from a person better suited as an employee. That being said, there are also employees that remain comfortable in their position that are more flexible with their hours and willing to work overtime.
business owner
Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce 2016 “Best Place to Work” winners.

Although these mentalities can be directly correlated to those that are interested in and/or suited for business ownership vs. employment, most employers would prefer a worker with a mindset closer to business owners than an “employee only” mindset. Those who, more often than not, fall within the mindset of a business owner are hardworking, self-motivated, and have the desire and capability to give more than what is minimally required of them. A way to nurture these qualities in employees is to respect and trust them, and not treat them simply as “hired help.”

If you believe you have a mentality strongly leaning towards that of a business owner, and you are currently an employee, this may be a great time to begin entertaining the idea of entrepreneurism. Purchasing a franchise is a great way to take advantage of your business owner traits, while also eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel and start from the bottom. Did you know that according to a study conducted by the International Franchise Association only “70 percent of independent start-ups are still in business after two years, and 50 percent are still in business after 5 years, while 91 percent of new franchises are still in business after two years, and 85 percent of these franchises are still in business at the end of four years?”

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