Plan for your future, not your boss’s

It’s time to plan for YOUR future

You’ve worked extra hard for many years, and due to that hard work, you have positioned yourself in a pretty impressive, and high-ranking managerial role. This management role may be a great fit for you, because you are a leader, and excel in managing people and systems. This position may even be thoroughly satisfying to you, but, at the end of the day and ultimately, when you break it down, when you work for someone else, you are really only guaranteeing their future. Yes, by growing with a company you are also laying the path to your own success, but at the end of the day, that individual success cannot go any further than the success of the company itself.

As an employee your role differs greatly from the role of the owner or boss. Your potential for growth is capped by the company’s hopes for you and your position, as well as their level of success. If there is someone in a higher position than you, your growth and allowances will always have some sort of cap. Chances are, as a manager in any company, you work very hard and probably often long hours. Even more likely is the fact that while you’re working these after-hours, the owner isn’t around. This does not mean the owner doesn’t work hard or that he/she didn’t put in the time and long hours themselves to get to where they are now. In fact, this owner most likely was you, years ago, before they made the move to ownership.

If you are comfortable with the more limiting concept of being an employee, and you prefer to be in a positon of power, without the final say of things falling on you, then this managerial position is most likely perfect for you. But, if you see the potential for yourself to reach higher levels than what a managerial employee can reach within someone else’s company, becoming a business owner is likely the best move for you.

As the owner, the things you do, and the time you put into this business is a direct investment in yourself, and your future. Putting in long, extensive hours (which mind you, you were already doing in your previous position), will directly contribute to your success and security in the future. Also, keep in mind the idea that your previous boss was in your shoes years prior. These long hours will become less and less as your business grows and you are able to replace yourself with managerial people (the old you) and systems that can run smoothly without you.

At this point, we understand you may be thinking, “this is way harder than we are making it sound.” Yes, of course being a business owner comes with a large amount of hard work and determination, but the end goal is different.

When it comes to owning a business many say it is not worth it because you “become a slave to the systems,” but, what if the systems were already laid out for you? This is the benefit of purchasing a franchise. The purchase of a franchise system comes with proven systems already laid out, and a systematic method to running and succeeding in your business. Beginning with this aligns you at a starting point much further than opening a startup company would be.

At The Brothers that just do Gutters, our business plan is SBA approved and the system was created with this ideal of “replacing yourself” in your business in mind. Ken and Ryan made sure that they themselves were replaced by capable people and systems within their own branch before even creating a franchise model. Their ultimate goal for each of their franchisees is that they too one day replace themselves within their business, as a worker, and simply become owners. As we’ve mentioned this will take a lot of work and determination in the early years of your business, but by following the system, you can solidify your future, as well as, build yourself a schedule that includes much more flexibility, and time for yourself and/or family. The level of success of your business as a franchisee is in your own hands. There is no cap to how far you could go!

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