“Best Place to Work”

The Brothers that just do Gutters are extremely excited to announce that we are the recipients of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce 2016 Headliner Award, “Best Place to Work.” This award is particularly special to Ken and Ryan, because they, and The Brothers that just do Gutters, were nominated for it by the people who work for them. Ken and Ryan wholeheartedly believe in the importance of treating their employees with respect, and showing appreciation for their team, as well as creating an extremely positive company culture.
The Chamber’s “Best Place to Work” Headliner Award is presented to a company that “demonstrates how they value their employees through their daily relationships and not by a statement in their employee handbook or benefits outline.” The criteria for determining if this company does in fact value their employees is based on categories like trusting the employees; treating them with respect; rewarding them with fair wages; communicating with them on a regular and consistent basis; building pride in the workplace, etc. The nominations for this award are only counted if they are coming from employees. Here is some of what our employees had to say about working at The Brothers that just do Gutters:
“The Brothers that just do Gutters is absolutely the best place to work. The sense of family you get is amazing. There is never a question if something pops up with my kids. Whether it is a call from school that they are sick, or a request for time off to follow them to All Stars games, the answer is always ‘go, family comes first we’ll handle the office.’ From the owners on down, everyone is willing to help however they can.” – Karen Cargain (Contact Center Representative) 
“The environment at The Brothers that just do Gutters is one that encourages and fosters my abilities and visions. Not only is it rewarding to see my efforts matter, but it is rewarding to be part of a trusting family of amazing personable people.” – Kevin Rollman (Marketing Manager)
“It really is like one big family. It’s called The Brothers that just do Gutters and it started with two brothers but in the end it’s like everyone here is one big happy family.” – Matt Beattie (Field Installer) 
“It’s like you are a part of something. You’re not just one person doing something by yourself, you become a part of something bigger.” – Richard Wikane (Field Installer)
“Ken and Ryan empower you to learn and their attitude of caring, understanding and education reinforces your self-worth and value. Ken and Ryan encourage me to make decisions as a manager, and I feel like each decision makes me stronger, and better able to lead my team” – Rebecca Pepe (Contact Center Manager)
“I love this company because of the mission, the people and the level of love each person in our company offers to their roles. I love the impact we have on our clients and treat all like family.” – Dana Listemann (Solutionist©)
“Ken and Ryan believe in us, and in return we believe in them and the company. Because they invest in us, and treat us as equals, as well as acknowledge big achievements and everyday accomplishments, we work harder and want to succeed, not only for ourselves but for them.” – KayLyn Boccia (Marketing Associate)
Because Ken and Ryan focus on, and understand the importance of valuing their team, their employees feel appreciated and satisfied with their job. The Brothers that just do Gutters understand the importance of business and know when it is time to be serious, but they also understand the importance of having fun and when is it ok to not be so serious. As you can see by what some of our employees had to say, because of this attitude, the individuals who work here, enjoy their job and do not dread coming to work each. Feeling appreciated and being treated not only like an equal, but in many cases like family, is a huge reason for not only the success of the Brothers Gutters team, but the overall positive atmosphere we are all surrounded and inspired by each day.
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