Marketing Team

We often joke that we are a marketing company that happens to do gutters. We learned early on that if we were going to be a company that “only does gutters” we would have to do a lot of them. We knew for our franchisees to be successful we couldn’t just tell them to spend 3% of their revenue on marketing and wish them a good day. Just like everything we do, we took this to the next level by building an in-house marketing team. The marketing team oversees, and supports all marketing avenues and campaigns including social media, radio, print, media, creative campaigns, etc. They are there to support each branch and help them to grow their presence and business. The marketing team takes care of the heavy lifting such as blogging, SEO that continually increase the brand and awareness for all locations, while incorporating advertising efforts that speak to your unique community. While the marketing team has developed many winning campaigns, they also know that some of the best ideas are likely to come right from our franchisees. What’s great about this is our franchisees have a design team at their fingertips to develop marketing pieces specific to their area and concepts. We have been at this since 1999 and have all the best marketing campaigns at your fingertips as well as a design team to work with you on custom campaigns. Upon signing the FDD, we are ready to launch a robust, and fully optimized website, for you, as we do for all of our divisions. Many franchises will only add their franchisees on a single landing page, which will not give you the SEO impact you need to drive business through your website. You will not just be listed on a single “locations” page. When a new market is purchased, the marketing team will build an additional 20+ landing pages prioritized for the local market for the territory. These pages are plugged into the core website to share rank and authority allowing the pages to position in search results faster. Every month, the marketing team will present an analysis report of the marketing efforts and how they relate to the goals set for the franchise and the division. These reports serve two purposes – to both advise the franchisee on the best local marketing practices and to educate the franchisee on how to determine the best local marketing practices. The team provides the following marketing services for our franchisee:
  • Full graphic design services for print and digital products
  • Scripts for radio, press releases, TV commercials, etc
  • Local listing placement in top 6 data sources as well as Google Business places and Yelp.
  • Reputation management across the review sites
  • SEO and SEM for each location’s website
  • Vehicle wrap design for company cars
  • Analysis of marketing and consultation of marketing best practices
  • Reporting on marketing efforts and goals achieved
  • Consultation on new marketing ideas, practices, and channels
  • Management of all marketing avenues
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