Field Operations

We saw a pattern early of most construction jobs being a dead end, with guys having to beg for raises. Because of this, we decided to become proactive in our approach and developed a defined career path for our installers called a Skills Ladder. This ladder directly associates, and clearly defines, pay with performance and knowledge. We are also committed to providing the best safety training and equipment available to ensure our workers are safe.
  • Skills Ladder
The Skills Ladder provides an employee with a visual reference clearly defining a career path, not just a job. Unlike most jobs, they know exactly what they need to accomplish to get promoted and receive a raise. This allows the success to be in their hands.
  • Book Reports
You read this correctly. We require our installers to read and do verbal book reports in front of their peers. This was incorporated in 2010 and has changed our culture for the better. There is nothing better than hearing an apprentice talk about how reading “Attitude is Everything” changed not only their perspective about work, but their personal life. These reports are a part of their training and help to fully educate our workers.
  • Training and OSHA Certification
    • Each installer is directly employed and trained by The Brothers that just do Gutters requiring participation in an extensive training process.
  • Up to 5 hours each week of classroom time, fieldwork, bookwork, and safety training
  • This training is continued under the supervision of a senior head installer until they have completed all training levels and are able to operate as a manger of their crew.
  • Requirement of OSHA 10 Certificate
  • Skills Ladder training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Health and Safety Resource Manual
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