Contact Center

The hardest part of starting your own business is trying to do, and manage everything yourself. We knew before franchising that we had to “test” our model out. We were fortunate to have two willing family members partner in our second, and third locations. In theory, and in our heart after all the work and research we put in, we believed our systems and model should work. However, both locations struggled to keep up with the system practices that produce a five-star experience. We took a step back and saw that the main aspect contributing to them falling behind, was the volume of phone calls, and scheduling needs. That day, we decided to create a plan to build a Contact Center. Working together with all divisions the Contact Center evolved into what it is today. Our Contact Center is staffed to answer any and all calls that come in requesting a quote or appointment for all franchise locations. They handle requests through email, web chat, and phone as well as scheduling appointments. These appointments are placed directly on a calendar that is tied to all sales and installers. They always work directly with the customer and their schedule. This line of communication is what helps us to stand out from the rest, and has significantly contributed to our level of organization and promptness as a company. This one implementation has taken us from “a typical contractor” who can’t call back on time, can’t remember appointments, and are seemingly unorganized to a system driven company with all the right tools to succeed at their fingertips. It has also replaced the need for our franchise locations to hire and train an individual to answer phones, schedule estimates as well as installations, giving them more time and revenue to concentrate on growing their business.
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